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27 February
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who's that girl?
my name is whitney. i'm a fourteen year old, homeschooled only child who lives in oklahoma. my hair is brunette, my eyes are green, i'm almost 5'9", and my weight will be disclosed until i get it to the weight i want. i am pretty athletic, and love playing sports, especially volleyball and basketball.

before we go on, i just want to say something. don't judge me. don't let my age fool you; i've been told i'm much more mature. don't think i'm a snotty rich brat because i'm an only child. don't think i'm homeschooled due to religious reasons, or because i'm incompetent. and don't think i'm a redneck because i live in the south, though i do have several southern characteristics ;) and if this offends you, we won't get along.

there are a few other, opinionated things, that might really tick some people off, so i will state them now. i am christian. i am against gay marriage. i am for the death penalty. i am conservative and when i'm eighteen, i will be a republican. don't like any of this? bite me :) i'll respect your views and opinions if you respect mine.

what does she like?
i am an avid x-men fan, particulary fond of the movies and x-men: evolution. i am also an avid fan of the new hit show lost. as far as movies go, i like a bunch, most of them movies that other people don't like. a few of my favorites are x-men, x2, van helsing, the day after tomorrow, twister, catwoman, daredevil, and pirates of the caribbean. i am a huge fan of animation, especially disney and anime. i love writing and drawing, and for the record, i am a shipper. what's a shipper, you ask? someone who obsesses over relationships from a tv show, book, movie, etc. i am proud to be one, too. jeanxscott, katexsawyer, and kimxron are my otps. argue with me about any of those three and you may just meet your sticky end.

what does she dislike?
i have so many hates it would take too long to list them here. i hate stereotypes. i hate alot of tv, like mtv and any and all reality tv shows. award shows bug me. i hate soap operas, and abc's other new show, desperate housewives. for movies, i really don't hate too many of them. i usually know what i want to see and i usually like them. a few exceptions i can think of are the hunchback of notre dame, you've got mail, and cast away.

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